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“We care, we share!”

Sunnians celebrate Suen Chi Sun Hall 10th Anniversary


To celebrate the 10th birthday of Suen Chi Sun Hall, a succession of events that echo the Hall motto “We Care, We Share” commenced in an official kick-start ceremony on the morning of November 14, 2015. Students, staff and alumni of the Suen Chi Sun Hall family gathered at the Hall to witness this important milestone.


Suen Chi Sun Hall was opened a decade ago in November 2005 with the generous donation from Simatelex Charitable Foundation which was founded by the late Mr. Suen Chi Sun. Since then, the Hall has been providing hall education to HKU students that promotes all-rounded development with particular emphasis on the integration of hall, academic and social lives. In the past ten years, Suen Chi Sun Hall has been home to a countless number of Sunnians who in unity, dedicate with passion and cherish harmony.


The kick-start ceremony was followed by a Walkathon to the Victoria Peak Garden where the money raised will be used to support the Suen Chi Sun Hall Social Service Scheme launched as part of the Anniversary celebrations. Coinciding with the importance of caring and sharing at Suen Chi Sun Hall, this scheme entails four main activities that allow Sunnians to reach out and provide service to various groups in the community: Sunnians for the Youth (To share their experience of Hall and University culture, Sunnians will take primary school students on tours at Suen Chi Sun Hall and at the HKU Main Campus.), Chi Sun Community (To reach out to and care for the elderly and children in the neighborhood community, Suen Chi Sun Hall will partner with Chi Sun College in a joint social service program), Bring a Little Sunshine (Sunnians will show their care towards individuals with disabilities through organizing a series of activities and providing educational assistance to visually impaired students), and Hope at Pokfulam (Sunnians will share the knowledge through the tutoring program for youths in Pokfulam and nearby communities.)

To top up the Anniversary celebrations, a 10th Anniversary High Table Dinner took place on 16th November 2015 with the honorable presence of Suen family members, Simatelex directors, and university senior officers. Near 60 alumni of Suen Chi Sun Hall also attended this event, demonstrating the sense of belonging and togetherness of all Sunnians. “Be it Sunnians currently residing in the Hall, or Sunnians who have long graduated from the University, once a Sunnian, always a Sunnian.”. This caring and sharing family looks forward to many more brilliant years ahead!

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